Meet The Family.

The Way Starts Here.
Through over 20 different pastors and meaningful music, WIAM points THE WAY to Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, not only ministering the love of God to Knoxville, but to cities and countries we never dreamed of.

Signs Of
The Times

Prophecy Focused.
Early in his relationship with the Lord, God gave Pastor Mark a passion for Bible prophecy, because knowing the future impacts how we should live in the present.  It's God's Word in the world's news every week.

Come To
The Table

A Daily Bible Meal.
It all began sitting on couches and chairs around a big clubhouse coffee table on Thursday nights, simply being fed God's Word by Pastor Mark.  Now people can enjoy the same feeling 5 days a week.  
A Labor of Love.
Over 25 years of verse by verse studies from the old and new testaments, topical teachings, guest speakers, plus men's and women's conferences.  On demand, on your time.

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