About Our Station

A Vision Beyond Our Imagination...

From the time God gave Pastor Mark the vision to reach the local community through the air-waves with the power of God's Word, it was 10 years of spiritual battle manifesting in a physical legal lawsuit that itself lasted 7 years.  Finally the presentation of the truth and LOTS of prayer broke through the stronghold.

Calvary Knoxville was granted a Low Power FM (LPFM) license from the FCC and subsequently went on the air March 24th, 2006, as an outreach ministry to the Knoxville area.  WIAM broadcasts 24 hours a day to the metropolitan Knoxville area.  For those outside of our primary listening area, WIAM can be streamed live over the internet.

Our primary goal is to spiritually minister to the people of Knoxville through solid scriptural teaching programs that, for the most part, focus on the exposition of the Holy Bible.  Expository teaching (2 Tim 3:16) with contemporary praise and worship combine to minister to every listener in a style which is unique to WIAM.

Our call letters and our tag line (I AM THE WAY) reveal our supreme desire, which is to point everyone to Jesus Christ as the Author and Finisher of our Christian faith (John 14:6).  Through Him and in Him we find eternal life beyond our present state, and from Whom we receive the power to live victoriously for Him, as we seek to trust and obey according to the Word of God, which contains all answers for life and godliness.

One factor (among others) which sets WIAM apart from the traditional broadcast industry is that there are no consultants programming the format or researching the target audience.  All programming is done with direction of the Holy Spirit without regard to trends or marketing demographics.  The result is purity, integrity, and a theological soundness which transcends all worldly pursuits (and which the Lord has blessed abundantly from the outset).

Through sound doctrinal teaching and meaningful music, WIAM points THE WAY to Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, ministering the love of God to Knoxville.