Welcome to The Way Media!

The media ministry of Calvary Knoxville has certainly grown since the church began in 1997.

Over the years, however, as our different media ministries reached different people groups in different places, we unintentionally created "silo communities."  These groups of listeners and viewers, outside of our church walls, didn't realize there was a lot more that we offered.

Whether you're at this website because you're a listener of WIAM Radio, Come To The Table (CTTT), Signs Of The Times (SOTT), or just the weekly teachings from Calvary Knoxville, there is a larger family of content that's been "hiding" in different websites and apps.

We came to the realization that keeping our media ministries separated was depriving listeners and viewers access to our other content. The content has been spread too far apart in sites and apps which, in turn, stretches our resources. It’s time to bring the family together to benefit all of us!

None of our media ministries are going away (we're actually growing); we've just moved all of them to The Way Media.

The Way Media now represents the family of content produced by Calvary Knoxville.  

Not only will it have CTTT, but also Signs Of The Times, The Truth in 10, WIAM Radio, and the teaching library of Calvary Knoxville.

In the coming weeks, the websites for these separate ministries will redirect you to https://www.thewaymedia.net

The Way Media isn't just a new website, but it's in a brand new app called The Way Media app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Access to these apps is on the front page of https://www.thewaymedia.net

Making this transition is a monumental task, as we move decades of content from one platform to another, so we thank you in advance for your patience as content slowly begins making the digital "migration" to our new site and app.

Also, if you're a follower of WIAM, SOTT or CTTT on Facebook, make sure to LIKE The Way Media (@waymediafb) on Facebook, as those pages will also be closed in the coming weeks.

Many more additions and changes will be coming, so make sure to stay connected for the very latest!