We promise not to be "too pushy!"

App Notifications.  They can be a blessing or a burden if you don't know where to control them.  The Way Media app has a lot of controls right from the start, with more coming.  

This app has a lot of content and it's only going to grow.  When new content is loaded, we want to let you know about it.  However, not everyone will be interested in everything we make available, so we encourage you to tailor the app to your preferences.
Just go to "Settings" then "Notifications."  For example, if you want to know when a new episode of Signs Of The Times is uploaded, make sure the switch is set to green, and then you'll be notified.  It's that easy!
Just so you know what you're signing up for with Notifications...
  • Signs Of The Times:  We'll notify you when a new Bible Prophecy podcast is posted or news relating to the program.
  • Come To The Table:  We'll notify you when a new Bible study program is available or news about the program.
  • WIAM:  We'll notify you with information related to our station and the content airing on the air or online.
  • Teachings:  We'll notify you when a new teaching or teaching series of any kind is made available.
One more thing.  We do encourage you to create an account with this app.  There are lots of personalizations you can make and we don't want you to lose them!  Creating an account allows all your settings, notes, and downloads to be saved should you ever need to re-download the app.