Can we play your music?

We're looking for specific music, so please read carefully.

Our PRIMARY musical format is CONTEMPORARY PRAISE AND WORSHIP.  If your music falls into that category, we'll consider your music for airplay.  

We source most of our music from PlayMPE.  We DO NOT accept links to YouTube for downloading your music.  We will only access from PlayMPE or a cloud-based service that will let us download the WAV or MP3 file.

We consider not only the genre, but the musicality and the lyrics of your song as part of our decision to play your music.  If we decide to play your music, it will be reported to any Performance Rights Organization you may be affiliated with.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of music we review, we cannot individually contact everyone to let them know if we ARE playing their music or why we are NOT playing their music.  (If your music is on PlayMPE, seeing that we downloaded your music means we will play your music!)
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